Euro to Rand Exchange Rate

Euro to Rand: Euro is the official currency of the European Union. There are around 19 member states in which the Euro currency is used. And when you deal with the member states or go in these countries then you need to convert your money from national currency to the Euro. Firstly, I would like to state these 19 member states lay under a European country:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain


These are countries in which euro currency is acceptable but what if you belong to some other country not included in this list and come here in these listed member states. Well, I that case you need to convert your currency from original to Euro, as other currency will not be acceptable here. Let’s talk about if you belong to the South African country, the currency used in this country is RAND. And you are going to visit to deal with the companies of the mentioned countries then you need to convert your currency from RAND to EURO. Only then you will be able to use the facilities provided by these European countries list.

Euro to Rand

Euro to Rand

This currency from form to form is covered by the banks. You need to go for the Foreign currency Exchange rate bank for this purpose. You suppose to travel a lot to different countries then you should prefer to have an account in this kind of bank. As it will become easy for you to convert money and travel/ explore a new country. Euro to Rand conversion can also be successfully performed on this kind of banks.

But while converting the money or if you are thinking to convert your money from Euro to Ran then you should be aware of currency rates as well, so that you can transfer or convert that money accordingly. And to check the currency rates there are many online converters available you can take help to this to convert Euro to Rand.

Euro to Rand conversion

Euro to Rand conversion can easily be checked with the help of internet. Euro is a strong currency as compare to RAND. While performing any bank transactions from European states to South Africa you need to convert your money from Euro to Rand or vice – versa. MARKET decides the currency rates of all the individual countries. On the basis of these market rates, the currency is set to a particular rate and then values or currencies of different countries are decided on the basis of these market rates. A similar thing is applied for the Euro to RAND conversion.

Euro to Rand Exchange Rate

 Euro to Rand Exchange rate

As I mentioned above on the basis of market rate currency rate is decided. Every country has different market space for Inflation, and out of both countries in a country will have lower inflation rate so, on the basis of which that countries currency will possess a higher rate. Similarly, in the case of Euro and RAND, Euro has a lower rate of inflation as compare to RAND so the value of RAND is quite less than as compared to Euro.

1 Euro = 14 RAND (Approx.)


Well, this currency market value continues to exchange. It does not remain the same for all the days but nowadays the value of Rand varies only in points and in the case of digits. This market does not only concentrate upon inflation but interest rate, Import-Export, Public debts, and many more factors. All these factors help the market to find out the exact value of the exchange of currency from Euro and RAND and other exchanges of currency as well.

Euro to South African Rand

 Euro to South African Rand

Let us talk about the currency market of EURO and RAND. This market also on the basis of inflation, rate of interest public debts, Import Export business, Currency Account Deficit all these factors are analyzed to set the value of the currency and compared with the currency of another country. As we all know if the inflation rate low that means the currency rate of that country will be high. The second factor is Rate of interest, now in this conversion or comparison factor, the country which has the higher rate of interest will have more investors as compared to the other country possessing a lower rate of interest. The third factor I mentioned is Public Debts, the country which has public debts, investors would not like to invest money on such kind of country and visitors will also avoid coming in that country, they will choose the second country over there. Next factor is import-export, if the country has large exports it will create money out of this and if have large import business then it will depreciate the money which results from the decrease in the market value of that one currency.

So, all these factors are kept in mind while determining the particular value of the currency with respect to the other currency and compared which country have higher value rate of money or we can say currency. In the case of Euro and Rand, South African RAND lies below the Euro. Euro has a higher market rate as compared to South African RAND.

1 Euro to Rand

The market values of the 1 Euro to RAND changes when the market rates are determined on a regular basis. But if I talk about the approximate value of 1 Euro to RAND it always comes nears about 14 RAND. Nowadays, the value of RAND is around 14.55 RAND in comparison to 1 EURO.  To check the variation in the market for 1 Euro to RAND you can have a look at the analysis chart as well.

There is a history option as well when you search for Euro to Rand conversion. It helps you to analyze the market value of the countries’ currencies. Well, if you check the value of 1 Euro to RAND today and go for the conversion of the currency after some time then I would like to tell you that the value of the currency will be varied at that time. There are varying fewer chances that the currency value will remain the same at that moment. Both countries try to improve there economy and market-rate every day. And the market rates of currencies changes on the daily basis so I would like to advise you that whenever you feel that the currency rate are in your favour and then you can go and exchange the money from FOREIGN exchange banks and this conversion can also be done online you do not need to go for bank for this purpose.

Euro to rand buying rate

When you purchase something from another country then you need to pay money the same to that country currency. You can’t pay money in your own currency. So, if you are buying something which has a rate tag in Euro and you belong to RAND then you need to convert your money on the basis of this and vice-versa. You can check the value of the EURO to RAND on the Retail foreign Exchange rates as all the online marketing sites have the option of currency rate conversion so, you just need to pay your money in your own currency and then they will change it to the desired currency on the basis of product. But if you belong to South Africa and buying something from a European country then you need to pay extra money as when the currency changes the rate of RAND to lower than the EURO. On the other hand, if you are buying something from South Africa then you will pay less amount of money in EURO as after conversion the money rate will increase.

Currency Euro to Rand

Now day’s cryptocurrency or bitcoin market is making their vast regime in the online market. But still, there is the currency market has its own area in every field. Currency rates vary in both the countries as I told you on the basis of market values or factors. The economy of the country plays a vital role in both countries. And if you are very much curious to know about the market value of both the currencies then you can check online as there are many online currency converters available which help to compare the values of two countries then you can write down the value of Euro currency with respect to Rand.

Euro Converter to Rand

There are many options for Euro convertor to RAND. You can opt any of converter online and check or analyse the values of EURO to RAND. You can check the history of whole month currency variation and then can also check graphic representation of the Euro to rand currency conversion by using these currency convertors.

20 Euro to Rand

To check the value of 20 Euro with respect to RAND it comes out around 290 with some point values also. But the values come out around this. The value has little variation every day so if you want to check out the exact value for today currency rate for Euro to Rand then you can take the option of the online converter.